Originally from New Zealand, Matt Draper now resides in the small beachside community of Byron Bay, Australia.

With an interest in photojournalism and ocean imagery, photography has allowed Matt to travel to some of the most remote areas of the world, documenting subjects for the purpose of education and positive change for the environment. Leaving his trade as a carpenter behind, Matt started practising underwater photography in 2014 and ever since has used his photographs as a way to spread awareness about environmental issues as well as foster love for the ocean by replacing fear with fascination.

Self-taught, Matt is passionate about capturing his subjects for what they are, allowing people to see the raw beauty behind his images. He prides himself in using only natural light. This, combined with his free diving capabilities, makes for minimal disturbance when photographing marine life.

Matt offers a wide range of services including private tuition, fine art on different mediums and commercial for hire.

From humble beginnings, Matt’s photography continues to grow in an organic way, and he surrounds himself with positive, likeminded people who share similar goals.