I N C O G N I T O  is an evolution of Black, falling away from clarity and more deeply into chaos accelerated by constant change. Visually expressed through blurred perspective and vibrant colours, this series discovers stillness and beauty within movement and disorder, reflecting internal confusion and the need to slow things down. Incognito shifts from recognition of detail to disorientation conveyed through speed, light, and direction.

Bodies of colour become interpretive rather than descriptive, dissolving the meaning of specific value and giving rise to elements of energetic vibrancy. Colour plays a vital role in showcasing both fluidity and pause. Rather than distinguishing each colour, colour now distinguishes each form. Incognito’s chaos gives me newfound confidence to explore the creative possibilities beyond any boundaries of my colour blindness. Fully conceived in my mind at the onset, Incognito is created on a single breath under natural light. Using long exposures as the primary technique, still photographs are injected with movement and bursts of light, contributing to an overall intergalactic experience.

Order and control are often the responses to regaining balance in a chaotic world. Fear masks the truth of change. Incognito strives to expose the nature of chaos in vivid colour by suspending movement, revealing calm and wonder throughout. While this series showcases a unique glimpse beneath the surface, it is less about appreciating the individual species and more about celebrating the entirety of life.

— Matt Draper