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Jeremy Hsu



Female Humpback whale calf

Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga

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“Incognito takes my photography in a completely different direction. From the clarity and simplicity of Black, to the chaos, vibrant colours and expressive behaviours hidden beneath the sea. While this series also shares a unique view of the underwater world, it is less about appreciating the individual animals and more about celebrating the vividness of life. In this context, recognition of species is superseded by the representation of speed, direction and movement.

Incognito upholds my signature rule, that all images are photographed under natural light while using a single breath. This allows observation and documentation of behaviours that are often disturbed by imposing equipment. The series is created using slow shutter speeds, which enable the viewer to sense what the animal does and how fast it moves, while potentially noticing something they may have never seen before. This technique injects still photographs with movement, providing a unique and intriguing viewpoint.

Personally, Incognito represents a period of major transformation in my life, when I needed to slow things down. The chaos, confusion and blurred view of reality reflect an internal journey to focus on myself during a tumultuous time. The series shares that journey, finding stillness and beauty in the disorder.

I hope Incognito will provide a unique insight into potentially familiar creatures and foster a greater appreciation for these marvels. Ultimately, inspiring love for the ocean is the best tool for its protection.”

- Matt Draper