B L A C K speaks to the vulnerability of confronting darkness in search of light. A challenging journey I undergo as part of my creative process – falling into my deepest thoughts, cultivating growth within and emerging to reveal substance and strength. This series reflects the nature of cosmic duality; visually expressing that light and dark, which cannot exist without each other, are experienced simultaneously. The life portrayed in Black communicates clarity, a sense of oneness, and the discovery of confidence within the vast unknown.

Colour blindness plays an important role in my obsession with black and white. Colour is not necessary to appreciate beauty. In fact, the range of light and dark creates a singular focus, illuminating detail and avoiding distraction. Composition and the relation between subject and space become paramount. This process focuses on distinct features and characteristics. Bodies appear suspended, enabling appreciation of the finer details, providing unique access to life rarely observed by humans.

Creative intention is the foundation of my art. On a single breath, using only natural light, Black pairs fleeting moments of wild behaviour with carefully considered technique. The result is a celebration of inquisitive nature, a genuine partnership between animal and artist. An expanding series, Black speaks not only to the relationship of light and dark, but to the connected range of emotions, ultimately reflecting the interdependence of all.

— Matt Draper