Fine art photographer Matt Draper brings his creative vision to existence through unconstrained immersion, revealing life beneath the surface.

By patiently navigating through untamed environments, Draper seeks to better understand each individual species he interacts with. Working with only natural light on a series of single breaths, he manoeuvres concept to creation with minimal disturbance. Draper's art breaks barriers between human and animal, merging realms and revealing distinct characteristics of unfamiliar physicality and hidden intuitive behaviours – resulting in a dynamic balance of vastness and intimacy.

A Matt Draper fine art print is unique and exclusive, belonging to a signature series of work. Each edition is limited in release, individually numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Focusing on curated exhibitions, Draper is creating notable recognition and expanding his audience, partnering with distinguished scientists and explorers to convey the importance of our natural world through art. Draper’s work is part of renowned private collections, with most editions sold before publicly viewed or displayed.